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CHINA FIRE is a large-scale and influential international fire equipment exhibition and technology exchange event sponsored by China Fire Protection Association. It is held every two years and has successfully held seventeen sessions so far.

01 September 2023
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Traditional fire extinguishers have long been relied upon for their ability to quickly suppress fires. However, recent concerns about the safety of these extinguishers have come to light, particularly due to the use of fluorine-based chemicals. These chemicals have been linked to adverse health effects and environmental damage. In response to these concerns, a new solution has emerged: fluorine-free foam. This rapid fire extinguisher offers enhanced safety without compromising on effectiveness.

03 April 2024
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Class B hydrocarbon fires pose a significant risk to industrial facilities, requiring effective fire suppression measures to be in place. In this article, we delve into the world of Class B hydrocarbon fires, exploring their characteristics and understanding the importance of combating them swiftly. We then focus on the benefits of using fluorine-free foam as a powerful tool for fire suppression.

15 March 2024
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