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Fire Safety Education
Nobody knows the value of life, which needs careful care. Safety education, above all else, is urgent. Safety is a necessary condition for human survival, life and production. Under the theme of safety education, it is particularly important to improve the public's safety knowledge, safety avoidance skills and self rescue and mutual rescue skills in sudden disasters.

Xinghua Safety Culture Education Experience Base is invested and constructed by Suolong Fire, entrusted by the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau according to the requirements of "provincial safety development demonstration city" and approved by the municipal government. The base has two floors, with an area of about 700 square meters. Through live simulation and virtual reality, it presents a comprehensive service platform integrating emergency experience and safety training to the public.

The base is equipped with safety warning viewing area, emergency safety sign recognition, battery car safety experience, simulated electric shock experience, home kitchen safety, simulated fire fighting experience, simulated earthquake experience, car seat belt collision protection experience, helmet strike protection experience, mechanical injury simulation experience, VR on-site operation safety experience, pre hospital emergency rescue, traffic safety, smoke escape, high-altitude escape and descent device, fire safety knowledge Emergency safety knowledge quiz, hidden danger search, rope escape training and other 20 experience contents. Through exhibition boards, live simulation, virtual reality (VR) and other forms, you can not only see the display of knowledge, but also be able to do it yourself, experience it and participate in it.

It is hoped that this can improve the ability of enterprises and public institutions, ordinary citizens and primary and secondary school students to avoid risks in an emergency and save themselves and each other, and remind everyone to firmly establish safety awareness, understand safety knowledge, master safety knowledge, and work together to build a strong, rich, beautiful and high emerging society in their work and life.
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Founded in 1967, Suolong Fire, is a leading manufacturer of fire fighting foam in China, accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO50001. 

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