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National Fire Extinguishing Agent Standard Review Meeting Was Held in Chengdu

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National Fire Extinguishing Agent Standard Review Meeting Was Held in Chengdu

On November 3, 2023, the Fire Extinguishing Agent Sub-Technical Committee of the National Fire Protection Standardization Technical Committee (TC113/SC3, hereinafter referred to as the Third Committee) held a national standards review meeting in Chengdu, Sichuan. Hu Rui, senior engineer of the Regulations and Social Fire Protection Work Division of the National Fire and Rescue Administration and deputy secretary-general of the National Fire Protection Standardization Technical Committee, attended the meeting online. 

Dong Jingfei, vice chairman of the China Association for the Promotion of Consumer Goods Quality and Safety and chairman of the Third Committee, and the Emergency Management Department Lu Zhibao, deputy director of the Tianjin Fire Protection Research Institute, Chen Shuo, chief engineer of the Sichuan Fire Rescue Corps, Liu Junjun, deputy director of the Sichuan Fire Protection Research Institute of the Emergency Management Department, Liu Haiyan, director of the legal affairs department of the Sichuan Fire Rescue Corps, and other leaders attended the event More than 60 people, including members of the Third Committee, representatives from units participating in the compilation of standards and representatives from relevant enterprises, attended the meeting. 

The meeting was chaired by Zhuang Shuang, Secretary-General of the Third-Party Committee, and Pan Deshun, Deputy Chairman. Pan Yu, deputy general manager and Wang Junqi, production technology director of Jiangsu Suolong Fire Science and Technology Co., Ltd. attended this meeting.

At the meeting, Deputy Secretary-General Hu Rui fully affirmed the preliminary work of the Third-Party Committee and put forward clear work requirements for this standards review meeting. Deputy Director Lu Zhibao extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and members who attended this meeting, and expressed on behalf of the Tianjin Institute, the affiliated unit of the Secretariat, that in the future, he will continue to support the work of the Fire Extinguishing Agent Sub-Committee to reach a new level and demonstrate new achievements. 

Achieve new breakthroughs. Chief Engineer Chen Shuo of the Sichuan Corps expressed warm congratulations on the convening of the meeting, and also expressed his sincere welcome to all guests attending the meeting in Chengdu. Chairman Dong Jingfei analyzed the new opportunities and challenges faced by the fire extinguishing agent industry, pointed out the fundamental role of high-quality standardization work in the rapid development of the industry and international technical exchanges, and called on all members to actively perform their duties and contribute to the development and development of the industry. Make new and greater contributions to the work ofthe Sub-Technical Committee.

According to the meeting schedule, all members listened to five national standards: GB15308 "Foam Fire Extinguishing Agent", GB27897 "Class A Foam Fire Extinguishing Agent", GB17835 "Water-based Fire Extinguishing Agent", GB4396 "Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Agent" and GB20128 "Inert Gas Fire Extinguishing Agent" The work report of the standard preparation team reviewed the standard text item by item. 

After full questioning and discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the above-mentioned standard draft for approval passed the review. Since then, our technical staff have made wonderful report sharing on "International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Fire-Extinguishing Agent Standard Dynamics" and "Fire-Extinguishing Agent Standard System Construction and Development Direction" respectively, and have reviewed the work of the International Organization for Standardization's sub-technical committee on fire-extinguishing agents. An introduction and outlook were given, and in-depth thinking was conducted on the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of my country's fire extinguishing agent industry and the development direction of future standardization work. In his comment speech, Chairman Dong Jingfei emphasized that the three-thirds committee should work hard from the two aspects of "internationalization and innovation" and lead the fire extinguishing agent industry towards high-quality development in the direction of product efficiency improvement and ecological and environmental protection through standardized means.

With the guidance and support of the National Fire Rescue Bureau and the National Fire Protection Standardization Technical Committee and the joint efforts of all participating representatives, this meeting successfully completed all agendas. The meeting was a complete success, and it also marked the progress of the Fire Extinguishing Agent Technical Committee in promoting product standardization. 

Solid steps have been taken in improving standards and optimizing the standard system structure. In the future, it will provide stronger technical support for promoting the advancement of emergency management science and technology, improving accident and disaster emergency response and rescue support capabilities, and improving my country's fire protection standardization system.

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