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25L 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam


Product Description


Experience unmatched fire suppression capabilities with 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam. This cutting-edge solution is designed to combat fires effectively and efficiently, ensuring the safety of lives and properties. With its exceptional extinguishing properties and versatile applications, 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam is the ultimate choice for comprehensive fire safety.


Superior Fire Suppression: The 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam is specifically formulated to swiftly and effectively extinguish fires, providing rapid control and minimizing fire spread. Its high expansion ratio allows it to quickly blanket the fire, suffocating it and preventing re-ignition.

Versatile Applications: This foam is suitable for a wide range of fire scenarios, including flammable liquid fires, Class A fires, and electrical fires. It can be used in various industries such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, and more.

Enhanced Safety: The 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam creates a thick, insulating foam blanket that helps cool down the fire and protects against heat radiation. This feature mitigates the risk of fire rekindling, providing added safety for firefighters and occupants during fire suppression operations.

Product Features:

High Expansion Ratio: The foam expands rapidly, generating an expansive volume of fire-suppressing foam. This expansion ratio allows for effective coverage of large areas, ensuring maximum fire suppression with minimal foam usage.

Long-lasting Effectiveness: The foam's long-lasting effectiveness ensures that it remains stable on the fire, providing continuous suppression and preventing re-ignition. This feature is crucial in situations where extended fire suppression is required.

Compatibility with Existing Systems: 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam is compatible with existing firefighting equipment and systems, including foam generators, monitors, and sprinklers. Its versatility allows for seamless integration into your current fire safety infrastructure.

Usage Methods:

Foam Generator Application: The foam can be deployed using foam generators, which produce and distribute the foam onto the fire-affected area. Foam generators can be manually operated or integrated into automatic fire suppression systems for immediate response.

Portable Extinguishers: 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam is also available in portable extinguishers, providing a convenient and efficient method for first responders or occupants to tackle small fires before they escalate.

Fixed Systems: Installations of fixed high expansion foam systems are ideal for protecting large areas, such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities. These systems can be activated automatically or manually, providing rapid fire suppression when needed.


3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam is a reliable and effective fire suppression solution that offers superior extinguishing capabilities. Its versatile applications, high expansion ratio, and compatibility with existing systems make it an indispensable tool for comprehensive fire safety in various industries. Trust in the power of 3% Firefighting High Expansion Foam to protect lives and properties, ensuring peace of mind in the face of potential fire hazards.

About Suolong
Founded in 1967, Suolong Fire, is a leading manufacturer of fire fighting foam in China, accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO50001. 

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